You have to ask yourself what the client wants out of the website – what kind of information do they want to let everyone know about?  You should put your ideas on paper before going to the computer.  Use something like Photoshop to experiment with colors, block (tables).

Good design = communication.  Your design draws people to the content and your design enables people to move easily about your website.

Good web pages have:  1) containing block, 2) logo, 3) easily accessible navigation, 4) easy to read content, 5) footer which “usually contains copyright, contact and legal information” (p. 5), 6, white space.

You should follow the Rule of Thirds – keep dividing your paper until you have a grid made of thirds.  From this paper, you should be able to map out a layout that you can tentatively use for your web design.

Unity – your design should work across all the pages of your web site; proximity, repetition, emphasis, continuance, isolation – all of these can be used in one way or another to unite the items on your web page.

Layouts:  1) most standard one is left-column navigation, 2) not as popular – right column navigation and 3) three column navigation – used by some business websites.

Morgue file – a place to keep clips of items similar to what your are working on; a file that can help you keep your inspiration and find new ideas,

Screen resolution – the author discusses pixels and fixed versus liquid width.  This section was rather technical in my opinion.  I did appreciate the author’s comment that “the most important factor in web design is the end user”. (p. 31).  He also mentions on p. 36 that although your pages should have a similar look and feel, they don’t necessarily have to be identical to be unified.  P. 37 gives an excellent visual illustration of this idea.


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