Thursday – the day before the end of school which is always spent running down people and trying to get signatures for the end of the year checklist.  Yesterday I began the 25 day etude challenge and so far have finished the first two etudes.  I have compiled a list of ABRSM solos and hope to order more next year.  I would also like to get some ABRSM flute materials and offer that to people when and if I can get a studio going.  There are two things going around in my head – two goals that I would like to accomplish professionally and personally in the next several years.  I would like to get a studio going of between 15-20 flute students and be able to use that money to help pay off the house and start saving even more for retirement.  I would like to be able to retire in 10 years and have the studio up and running by that time so that it could support me and Jon along with a part-time teaching gig.  The other goal is writing some sort of book, but just what kind of book eludes me.  Do I want to do a novel on the church in America or the early Christian church or the Reformation or some time in history that interests me – even World War II?  Do I want to do some sort of devotional for Christian musicians in high school and early college?  I was watching a video by Jon Herman tonight and he talked about the 90 day year challenge and focusing your goals so that you accomplish them within 90 days.  He believes like Dave Ramsey that you have to have short term goals and success quickly to keep you going on the path you have set for yourself.  The summer affords me time to think about the 90 day year challenge.  What is the 90 day goal I have set for myself and how can I accomplish it?  Do I want to teach and who is my target audience?  Places and people to contact?

Bridge Prep Academy  St. Lawrence Catholic Church music director

Girls after school place down the street   Church on Sligh Avenue

Seminole Heights Elementary  Hillsborough High School

The elusive Cambridge Christian School  Tampa Catholic High School

Watermark Church

Ways to advertise – Flyers, web site, business cards, referrals.


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